मानसिक गुलामी

बदलाव क्यों जरूरी है? हमारी ज्यादातर संस्थाएं हमारे गले की हड्डी बन जाती है। सोचो रोजगार दफ्तर शायद आज भी चल रहे है जबकि उनके जरिये अब किसी को रोजगार नही मिलता। सोचो जितने सरकारी कॉलेज है स्कूल है उनमें से निकले बच्चो को आज शायद ही नौकरी मिले। मेरे पड़ोस में हिमाचल में एक Read more about मानसिक गुलामी[…]

बदलाव क्यों जरूरी है?

जब मेरी धर्म में कोई आस्था ही नहीं तो फिर मैं धर्म पर रोज रोज चर्चा क्यों करता हूँ? ऐसा विचार मेरे मन में बहुत बार आता है । और जब मुझे पता चल गया कि धर्म क्या है या क्या नहीं तो फिर वही अपनी मानसिकता लोगों पर क्यों थोपना चाहता हूँ? यह एक Read more about बदलाव क्यों जरूरी है?[…]

संघर्ष बहुत जरूरी है

संघर्ष बहुत जरूरी है  देखिए, जब भी कोई खोज होती है तो उसका एक इतिहास होता है। जितने भी पश्चिम में वैज्ञानिक हुए उन्होंने खोजे की तो उनके संघर्ष की आपको एक लंबी कहानी मिलेगी। जिसने बल्ब बनाया था तो उसने बहुत लंबा संघर्ष किया था। एक वैज्ञानिक को जब स्कूल से निकाल दिया गया Read more about संघर्ष बहुत जरूरी है[…]


The change in son was priceless.

My son developed bad habits This is an incident about that time when I was living in a city called ‘Tohana.’ My son would have been about 18 years old then. He was not interested in studies and spent his time outside the house. Whenever we telephoned him to ask his whereabouts, he would say Read more about The change in son was priceless.[…]

She wanted an inter-caste marriage

My niece wanted an inter-caste marriage My niece did her MSc in the computer from Chandigarh. She worked in some firm for few years and then her parents asked her to get married. She told them that she knows a boy and would like to get married to him. But her parents means my brother Read more about She wanted an inter-caste marriage[…]

My drunkard brother got me a job

My brother was a drunkard. I remember that in my childhood, my brother used to drink a lot of alcohol. And after drinking, he would abuse the other family members. He would break things lying around in the house. All the family members thought he was bad. So much so that even his two children Read more about My drunkard brother got me a job[…]

The son started breaking the rules!

The son was timid I have a son. He was very timid when he was a little boy. He wouldn’t venture outside alone, not even till the bathroom. He used to be stuck to his mother all the time. Even a frog frightened him. His health also was not very good. He had a frail Read more about The son started breaking the rules![…]

Religious Gurus block our path.

I  had some meetings Sometime back, I went to visit my old town. I had to attend a meeting there. I stayed at a hotel overnight. In the morning, I had kept my mobile for charging, but when I got ready and stepped out and to my dismay, I found that the mobile had not Read more about Religious Gurus block our path.[…]

Our life is full of lies

We do not adopt a new way of life Most of the ideas that we (Indian) have about life are wrong. That’s why we don’t know how to be logical. Even if we try and come to a conclusion, it only strengthens our previously held absurd ideas.  We don’t want to disregard our beliefs. It’s Read more about Our life is full of lies[…]

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