Is this what you call discipline?

If you give the freedom to a child to choose between going to school and not going, will the child go to school? If you give the child an option to either sit the classroom or have tea sitting in the canteen with his friends, would he still sit in the class? No, he wouldn’t. Then what is it that you call discipline?

Your activities are false and fake

What you call discipline is discipline imposed upon you. This is not discipline but has taken the form of rule. Discipline is that which is maintained even without the outside influence or pressure. Similarly, all activities in our life are false and fake. A wife keeps living with her husband only because she doesn’t have better options, and you call it love.

Your religion is also fake

It is necessary to see this seriously and only then will you understand what is meant by rule and that all of religion and love is fake and superficial just like discipline and you will then understand why is everything going wrong in the society?