In India, did you ever have to think that the bridegroom of your daughter has to be at least from a religious family because religious people are good, enlightened and live long? No, Never.  Then what is the importance of being religious? What is the use?  Because the fact is that we believe health is in only our minds and it has very little to do with what we eat and drink.

If that is true then when compared to others, religious people should be living a long life, as good thoughts would have made their minds very healthy. If others live 100 years then a religious man should live for 125 years. But the exact opposite happens. I have a relative who is very religious and she never eats any fast food nor does she drink tea. She lived her entire life in rites and rituals. She never harmed anyone.

But when she got married her husband turned out to be useless. She didn’t receive any marital bliss in her life. I met her recently and at the age of 60, she looked like an old lady. She suffered from many diseases. What I mean to say is that in the end, we have to see the results and not what we think.

Can you imagine that a person, who dedicates his life to social service and prayers, doesn’t eat the wrong kind of food, is busy with rituals yet his life is a living hell. He is worried, sick, is in debt and is totally disappointed with life. He will never know what is going wrong because he has never seen the other side of life. Even others are not able to see his plight for they are victims of the same disease.