Western people made most of the discoveries

It’s not absolutely necessary that if you eat vegetarian food, your thoughts too will become vegetarian. It is totally up to you, what kind of thoughts you want to think. Europeans, Americans, Chinese, Japanese etc are not vegetarians yet most of the inventions and discoveries of the world are done by them. On the other hand, though Indians are believed to eat good food, they are not scientifically minded nor have they made any inventions or discoveries.

Quality of thoughts have no relationship with food

It’s amazing that so far we haven’t developed any technique to even make a needle. However, you might harp on the idea that eating meat is not a not a human instinct. But then, I want to ask you that if eating meat is not a natural process then tell me if corruption, atrocity, exploitation and rape is man’s natural character?  In all these above said negative traits you seem to be so well versed, believing at the same time that you are living a very auspicious life.