‘Sanskaar’ is something which teaches us about religion, and ethics is taught in our schools. We need ethics and not religion.

Balmukund Sahu

Rituals? Ritual is another word for rape. This rape starts at birth and ends with our death. All our lives we are weighed down by it. We cannot do what… Read more “”

Parbeen Padiyal

One cannot become an atheist by himself nor can anyone make him one but it is one’s state of mind when he becomes educated, intellectual and ideological. His blind faith… Read more “”

Mandeep Munday

An amazing concept. It’s true that people do not want to understand the nature of the problem. Thinking that the problem is not theirs they shift the blame on to… Read more “”

Yogendra Sharma

When a single non-believer can weigh so heavily on all the believers, what will happen if we all non-believers get united?

Apoorv Ankur

Your Break The rule disturbed me so much but now I have come to understand  it fully.


In the whole world and ever since, the progressive people have always faced the resistance of the society.

Jaiparkash Ludana

If there is no sway in a rule or if it does not have the quality of breaking, it’s a curse for humanity.

Dinesh Aggarwal

In English there is a word “Pathbreaking.” Leaving the old path and taking a new and successful one. Break the rule is the same thing

Ranbir Singh Raman

No one ever made a difference by following rules

Purushottam Babul

Thanks for  good informative write-ups. You express very easily and fairly. Your experienced write-up is very useful to all

Pushpendra Nastik

The laws of nature will do its work and we have to break our rules to comply with nature. This is #btr

Gadwall Kukareithi

“Break The Rule” is really a sensitive and an expansive title. You have included all the topics in this and showed us to a new direction and and a new… Read more “”

Tej Singh Bharatpur

One cannot become an atheist by himself nor can anyone make him one but it is one’s state of mind when he becomes educated and free. His blind faith and… Read more “”

Mandeep Munday

Very true. You do not require a Guru to speak the truth. Brother, this understanding is lacking in our society

Kiran Kamboj

Religion creates beggars. Some people make a fool of others in the name of religion and also loot them.

M.L Goyal

Walking the path of religion will bring doom, and not prosperity.

Manjinder Boparai

For whatever reasons religion may have been created,  the outcome has never been right, it has created selfishness, exploitation and goons and it’s better to change something which is not… Read more “”

Yogendra Ram

Religion is a business. As long as there are buyers or takers fraudsters will keep doing business. In advanced nations like Australia, 60 percent of shrines have shut down, but… Read more “”

Harbans singh

Joga, sir, nobody can tell the truth as deeply as you do

Suneet Suneet

I have to say there’s something different about Joga Sir. Without really wanting to, we read his long articles. What to do, there’s magic in Joga Singh’s pen. Excellent!

Deepak Makwana

You are an expert in breaking rules. This is not possible for everyone to do; it requires a big heart and capability to break the rule

Suneet Suneet

I keep breaking some small rules too, and I have observed that in the beginning people oppose you but later they respect you

Arvind Kumar

Religion and God are the creation of a specific class, keeping in mind their personal gain and not for social improvement. They have kept all the facilities with them for… Read more “”

Shiv Narayan

The reality is that God was introduced with fear by responsible people and religion with ignorance. This is the reason why people started looking at hypocrisy as religion and religion… Read more “”

Sunil Kumar Jagga

Your writing is like a magnet which pulls us into reading your posts even if we don’t want to.

Yogendra Ram

Joga, sir, I don’t know about others but I have changed a lot myself after reading your posts

Awadesh Yadav

Sir, each and every word of yours is deep. Very near the truth

Laxman Singh

Scriptures and religious Gurus have taken man to apartheid, untouchability, miracles and blind faith. Also, nothing is gained but hypocrisy. Society has become a slave to religion. Without giving up… Read more “”

Lalluram Bhaskar

Joga Singh, sir, what you write is so precise that it’s difficult for anyone to criticize and reject it. Your ideas may be disliked by the orthodox. You keep writing… Read more “”

Harishchandra Singh

Such positive efforts will change the old and rotten mentality of India. Hope your efforts are successful.

Madan Lal Azad

Sir, everyday, getting curious through your posts. I’m getting educated by you and now slowly I’m going toward deeper understanding of life

Laxman Singh

You have written correctly that man is carrying the burden of his past. It’s grip over him starts at birth and ends when he becomes self realized. As soon as… Read more “”

Ashok Kumar Raje

Break The Rule is very beautiful mission. People are not willing to come out of the past. Those who want to come out are restricted. Only those who break free… Read more “”

Seema Sharma

Unique! If only all could understand your ideas, language and feelings.

Jai Singh Lochab

Our rotten Indian arrangement and orthodox thinking and the contractors of old beliefs are misleading the entire population. It’s sad that even the educated do not fight this muck

Ram Lal Gupta

Kabir Nanak, Mahavir then Osho had showed the way in their time. At present Joga Singh, your insight is very important.

Anish Girotra

If we hadn’t broken the rule, had not gone against nature we would have remained animals

Jaiparkash Ludana

We will have to break the traditions given to us by our ancestors, only then we will go from darkness to light

Chandan Gupta

If some insane people had not broken the rule then maybe we were not capable of being called humans

Rajkishor Prasad Singh

Your trend of thoughts is in the right direction. There are many misleading stories going around in our country which is confusing us and making us miserable

Ashok Kumar Raje

You can’t expect anything from a Robotic man. One who is fully awake and bored is beyond rules and this is the beginning of truth or search for life.

Krishan Kumar Kanda

When we are shattered by something, there is an emptiness created  in our minds which helps us in connecting with something new

Khemraj Singhal

Like old clothes, old ideas have to be changed.  The joy of fresh air can be experienced when we come out of closed doors so that old rules can be… Read more “”

Yogendra Sharma

How to lead one’s life should be learnt from you, Joga Sir. You explain things very simply by giving your own example. This is a big thing

Suneet Suneet

The best opportunity in break the rule is “Better option” Wow, Joga Sir, you said it right.

Dilbag Singh

Wherever there is a change or discovery, it is nothing but ‘Break The Rule’

Yogendra Ram

Break The Rule is like the flame of light which burns down the old for the new. This is the reality

Kumar Ajit

Disorder is order in itself?

B.D Maurya

Joga sir, every post of yours is enlightening. If people follow your ideas then most of the problems in life will be solved.

Ranjeet Kumar

Great, Joga Singh. Sir, you write very well, from your heart. Keep writing like this and keep breaking the stereotypes

Tejswaroop Verma

Only the person who is tired or awake can come out of this conspiracy of rules. But neither do we awake nor get tired because we live in a state… Read more “”

Krishan Kumar Kanda

The thinking of society has become undeclared law and ethics and like a spider we get caught in this web and die.

Vidya Dhar Sihag

The mission is inverted. So, it will bring name and fame

Rajpal Dahiya

The best rule is Break The Rule. Golden Rule is Break The Rule. Break The Rule is the only rule

Naupam Acharya

Joga Singh ji, your basic thinking is right. Break The Rule. It means analyzing the rule which itself is breaking the rule. No need of more explanation. You are an… Read more “”

Garhwal Kukrethi

The fundamental of this mission is to question oneself on one particular rule and follow a logical decision. In this way everyone will have their own rule set.

Lovepreet Goraya

Principles depend on conditions in society and are formed according to them. It does not mean that they cannot be changed

Sandeep Sharma

Break the rule, a mission that is becoming a great war. An individual’s idea is creating history but a single person cannot bring about a revolution

Soma Patil (devar ji)

Brother, I don’t like this breaking business. I am a non violence worshiper.

Spohal Tejinder

Break the Rule is the name for a simple process of understanding ourselves.

Ranbir Singh Raman

The rule which has a possibility of being broken, is the best RULE.

Dinesh Nastik

Joga Singh ji, you have given your life for the society. Coming generations will bless you.

Mukesh Kumar

If people understand Break The Rule  it will take them far in life

Stya Nashi

Breaking anti social rules and rotten stereotypes is humanity.

Vikas Anaand

According to situation breaking or changing of rules is necessary

Ankush Ferozpur

Until we come out of the cage of beliefs, the stereotypical traditions will keep our society entangled. We cannot experience what freedom is. Leave the bond of stereotypical ideas behind… Read more “”

Mangal Ram Pnidiyar

Your sixth sense is wonderful, Joga singh ji

Sonu Malhotra