The son was timid

I have a son. He was very timid when he was a little boy. He wouldn’t venture outside alone, not even till the bathroom. He used to be stuck to his mother all the time. Even a frog frightened him. His health also was not very good. He had a frail body. He didn’t do anything without his mother’s permission. It worried me as to how this boy will adjust in this world when he grows up?

This world, where there is so much of cheating and looting, where people lose their dignity in broad daylight, where goons hit and run away. I wondered how my son would face these ruffians.

Nephew transformed his life

During this time, my nephew came to live with his family in the neighbourhood. He must have been ten years old. My son and nephew started living together. Slowly, my son started changing. Nephew’s company taught him the art of living independently.  Being in my nephew’s company weakened his relationship with his mother. His fear started vanishing. In his company, he was full of self-confidence. Now he started staying alone without his mother being by his side. He made new friends in the neighbourhood. He started living freely.

Now son became bold


He cultivated many hobbies. Now he also started breaking the rules like going out without informing, applying gel to his hair. He fitted his motorcycle with big horns and was riding his motorcycle without a number plate. Many times, I felt like he was slipping out of control. He started feeling happier in his friend’s company. I tried to tutor him but failed. Overall, I did not like his previous nature. But I was happy with his new version of a personality. Now he was capable and fearless. I felt that now he could easily adjust to the society.

The right social environment can help you go beyond the limits and achieve great heights in your life.