The recent attack on our security forces in Pulwama in Kashmir is highly deplorable and must be shunned in any way. The neighboring country seems to be instigating India towards a full-fledged action. These kinds of terrorist activities may escalate the tension between the two countries and may end into serious repercussions.

However, I have a question for you which may shake your conscience, and it may also look odd. My question is- why nobody seems to bother when thousands of people get massacred in riots in India? No FIR is lodged, no investigation is held, no one is held responsible.

No one shed tears; no leader thinks it worthwhile to give a statement against it. Thousands of innocent people are killed, and nobody gets disturbed or agitated. The whole the nation goes on as if nothing wrong has

happened. Are the lives of these innocent people not as important as that of soldiers?In the case of Pulwama why the whole of India is highly emotionally disturbed? Why nobody raised a voice when the same number of soldiers were killed in Chhatisgarh by the Naxalites? No party, no leader, no masses were as angry as in case of Pulwama case.

It is because you hate Pakistan. And if you hate Pakistan, then Pakistan has also every right to hate you. It means it is all politics of vote and nothing else. In the case of Naxalite attack you are least concerned, but in the case of Kashmir, all it gets on your nerves.


And also in case of riots where five thousand people are killed, you take it is as quite normal. When you can kill your own citizens, and no justice is given then how can you expect love and brotherhood from Pakistan: after all he is our enemy.
So far there is injustice in the country; nothing can be done worthwhile. Unless we correct our faulty attitude, we are bound to suffer forever. We have first to set our home right; only then we can fight the enemy.#bTr