We do not adopt a new way of life

Most of the ideas that we (Indian) have about life are wrong. That’s why we don’t know how to be logical. Even if we try and come to a conclusion, it only strengthens our previously held absurd ideas.  We don’t want to disregard our beliefs. It’s because, if we doubt our beliefs then we’ll have to think of something new, which will be very painful.  We prefer to languish in our old beliefs but will not adopt a new way of life.  The proof of this lies in the fact that no inventions or discoveries take place over here, no good athletes are born here

Western abandon their children

Many times, it is so bewildering that despite having the facts clearly in front of us, we ignore and play a blind eye to them and come to such conclusions that only strengthens our incompetence. For example, every Indian believes that in developed countries children are abandoned very early in life, don’t have a proper upbringing and don’t care for their parents. In other words, they abandon their parents. Now, who can tell these people that if they didn’t have a proper upbringing how can the children of that country, make 80% of the discoveries of the world?

We made no discoveries

How do the athletes of that country win most of the medals in Olympics?  Why are their police and army so capable? If their young and old are being neglected, how are they so disciplined and successful?  And the result of us boasting about looking after our young and old is zero.  Nobody is disciplined. People are disinterested in their jobs, no one makes any discoveries. From our toilets to our kitchens, we are totally influenced by western culture 

We make fun of western people

Our children are being nurtured properly, yet how do 100 British men come and made us slaves for 200 years?  From a needle to a ship, the things we use are the result of the discoveries made by the developed countries, yet we make fun that they don’t look after their young and old.  What you say doesn’t hold any good as the results speak against it. You consider yourself to be great but corruption, persecution and exploitation and rape is at its peak here.

Our life is full of lies

If a solid foundation has been laid and the upbringing of our children is impeccable then the results should have been good as well. This means our concept of bringing up our children is a not right. Our entire life is full of lies and we think that no one is better than us. You are just pretending to respect your elders but what the survey shows us is that the elderly, women and children, here, are very unsafe.  You straightaway sacrifice around twenty-twenty children on the railway crossings.

No one is better than us

Hundreds of children may die of burns at once in some social event. Almost 50 %  children in India are malnourished. Yet how can you live in this false belief that you are taking an utmost care of your children?  In the happiness index, we are way below than Pakistan and Burma. Yet we think no one is better than us. In fact, we interpret and twist the facts in our favor in such a way that it allows our foolishness to remain intact. Leave aside big discoveries or inventions; we don’t even want to strain our mind. Now the question arises why don’t we want to think?

Why do we don’t tend to think?

Because then the truth will get exposed which will, in turn,  compel us to a change which means we’ll have to make an effort when the fact is that we are so used to being spoon-fed. First and foremost, we have to give a break to this life of falsehood and challenge ourselves. When you discover the truth, your ugly face will be revealed but this is where we have to begin. We have to begin our lives from the scratch. So far we have been living in hypocrisy and rituals. In this way,  unhinged from the life, we have to yet embark on our life journey.