Man hasn’t changed much

Year after year, I search through my books, papers and everything else lying around and I find many things that are of no use and which are meant to be discarded. Unwanted books are donated to the library. By doing this, there is a kind of newness in my life and it’s amazing that like every other time, this time too so many useless items are found.

But what about our mind which is filled with thousands of years of junk and we don’t know of any means to discard that junk.  We never sort out this junk. Remember, every thought that comes to our mind leaves a deep impression on your mind and this thought never dies out. This thought always resides in some corner of our mind and affects our lives in some way or the other.

This is the reason that despite the man being a social animal, he hasn’t changed much because he is much being governed by old thought patterns.  Consequently, the man was greedy, violent, sectarian and unfaithful earlier and so is he now.

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