You have false pride

All whole game of life is played by your ego and your pride. Now the pride that you have is false. It’s not even yours in the first place because the decisions that you have been making are not based on your own sense of discretion. Your power of discretion hasn’t been awakened yet. You do what society expects you to. Decisions regarding marriage, religion, caste, business etc. are taken according to society’s expectations. You do what your Guru, your church, teacher or leader expects you to do. You are just a resound, an echo, not a voice.

You have restricted life

Right now, you don’t have any identity of you our own. You are identified by the traditions and morals established in our society.  You can’t even dream of acting or thinking against the norm. You don’t have your own character. You are a small part of a collective consciousness. Your life is not self-willed, it is very restricted. There are many restrictions imposed on you.

You are part of a crowd and a crowd has no character of its own. This type of ego is false. You can also call this, a sick ego. This type of a person is illogical and no matter what you say, he will grasp only what he wants to. Such minds are filled with experiences gained by mankind through hundreds of years, and this experience is nothing but trash.

You remain stuck in illusion

This collective experience becomes a big hurdle to your prosperity.  Our mind believes this memory to be true because this memory doesn’t change and secondly, it has already been tried and tested by somebody else. In this way, our false self-esteem wants to remain stuck in this illusion. What our mind sees is filtered through this memory and we only see what is already within us.

That is why no new truths take birth; new rays of light do not come in. Suppose you are searching for a chair in a room but you don’t know that you are searching for the same, and then even if the chair is in front of you, it will go unnoticed. It’s because the chair is not in your memory. This shows that you see what already exists in your brain, and your brain is filled with thousands of years of trash.

Our past goes on becoming our present

Our perceptions get influenced by our memories. In other words, our past starts becoming our present. Your mind is full of thousands of years of memories, memories which have gone past its expiry date. These memories are the experiences of certain situations in the past, but the situations have changed now and yet you continue to take the same medicines which have passed their expiry date.

Why do you glorify your past?

The biggest tragedy of humanity is that they are unable to free themselves from their memories. Our present and future is just an extension of our past. Human being’s own individuality is not able to thrive. He’s not recognized for who he really is because all decisions that he made were based on previous beliefs. Why do we trust our past so much? It’s because, in that case, we don’t really have to put in any effort. If you are glorifying your past then you should know that you are certainly running from away from life. You are a deserter.

Get rid of outward influences

How many of us choose our occupations according to our understanding?  All of us are living by following others at some point in time. First and foremost, we have to rid ourselves of the outside influences and live in our own influence. We have to set our own goals and for this, we must decide which direction we must head. We have to decide where our interests lie and what is that one thing that we can give it our all?

Carefully plan your future

Then, we have to carefully plan how to achieve our goals. So far, you haven’t used your natural abilities to do things; hence you are bound to make many mistakes and face many challenges. These challenges build up your character. You’ll become more and more self-reliant; now life will be in your control. Your sense of discretion has been activated. You are free from outside influences. A light has started burning inside you. Now you are able to see things as they are.

Now you have got your healthy ego

Now, your past has started assisting you, instead of becoming a hurdle. You still have an ego, but now it’s healthy. To achieve prosperity in life, it is essential to have a healthy ego. But you have to still go further to this state where you are totally free from any ego and not entangled in anything. In this state, you remain unaffected by events happening outside. You don’t get disturbed by anything. Once again, you are in tune with the universe.