I  had some meetings

Sometime back, I went to visit my old town. I had to attend a meeting there. I stayed at a hotel overnight. In the morning, I had kept my mobile for charging, but when I got ready and stepped out and to my dismay, I found that the mobile had not charged at all. I was worried because the contact numbers of the people I was supposed to meet that day were in it. I thought the meeting would not be possible and that I would have to return.


The battery was discharged completely.

The battery of the mobile had been discharged. Hence, it would not be possible to contact the people concerned. As I was returning, I showed my mobile phone to a service technician. He said that the charging socket had been damaged and that he did not have a replacement for it. I thought that I should show it to another shop from which I had been buying stuff for the last ten years. He checked it and said the same thing that the charging socket had been damaged. I told him to replace it if he had one.

The Mobile couldn’t get mended.

He said he didn’t have one, but he made enquiries from a couple of shopkeepers on call, but he was unable to find one. In the end, I told him to return my mobile phone. And just at that moment, I liked a long charging lead from the same shop. I felt that it would be of some use to me. As I started walking after buying the lead, I remembered that I had to meet another friend whose shop’s address I knew. So I decided to meet him.

I just tried a possibility

I went to his office, and as I sat down, I saw an electric board next to him. Just like that, I told him to connect the lead to the electric socket. As soon as he put the lead in it, my mobile started charging. I was baffled as to what inspection of my mobile phone had the two technicians done? I didn’t do this because I thought that the technicians could be wrong, so I had to check. No, never.

A miracle happened.

The thought just occurred to me that let’s try to make it work, and an amazing thing had happened; now I could comfortably have my all meetings. The mobile was perfectly alright. Nothing was wrong with its lead or socket but don’t know why it didn’t charge earlier. But the baffling thing is that those two technicians may have repaired hundreds of mobiles, but my enthusiasm and readiness failed them.

I created the truth I wanted.

I didn’t have any prior knowledge of mobiles, but my ignorance weighed heavy on them. What was I doing? I was just attracting good possibilities and good opportunities. I was not ready to accept the verdict of those two technicians. I was not ready to accept what they said as final truth. Their truth was not agreeable to me. I didn’t want their truth. I wanted the truth that was according to me, and I created such a truth.

Truth is your personal experience.

You don’t have to imbibe the truth from the gurus, scriptures or fakirs; you have to create your own truth. This truth cannot be someone else’s experience but your own. People are very confused with regards to truth.  Since ages, they have maintained a strange image of truth. According to them, the truth is unchangeable and is applied to all in the same way. But it’s not like that. Truth is a new experience which is the result of your own decisions. Presently our country is still living the mentality of slavery. Hence, it has not created any truth.

No Guru will give you the truth.

That’s why nobody knows what the truth really is. Now if you haven’t seen the truth, whatever you know about truth will be very confusing. Just like the milk, we get in the market. Nowadays, 80% of the milk that is available in the market is adulterated, but after drinking this adulterated milk, people have forgotten what real milk tastes like. Now no scripture, guru or fakir will tell you this fact that you have been drinking adulterated milk all along.

Be Curious

Those technicians may have had many gurus, read many books but failed against my ignorance. It’s not necessary to be a genius to know the truth, rather be ignorant like me. When you do not know anything, the possibility of learning something new is high. What was unknown until now, becomes the known. I did not know anything about mobile phones, but I did what the mobile technicians couldn’t do.

Have your vessel empty.

The knowledge imparted by the guru is not essential for living your life. You must have an innate curiosity for learning and doing. You should be like an empty vessel, which you can fill with new realities. My mind did not accept the finality of the mobile technician’s word and that nothing more could be done. The technician had the bookish knowledge, and I had knowledge of life.

The doctor misguided us.

When I lived in the same town earlier, I had got a doctor to check my father-in-law’s eye. His eye became alright. He was a good doctor. He performed many operations every day. Now, one of my mother‘s eye was also totally damaged, so we got the same doctor to check the other eye. The doctor said that one eye was totally damaged and the other had a cataract. Nothing could be done about the damaged eye but to get the cataract in the other eye operated.

I again challenged the authority.

We showed her to another doctor; he too suggested getting the cataract operated. Meanwhile, I got transferred to Chandigarh. I don’t know why I always felt that my mother had only one eye and if the operation did not go well then she would lose that eye as well. I decided to show her to another well-known doctor in Chandigarh. When we went to him, he said the eye was perfectly okay, and there was no cataract in it.

I saved my mother’s eye.

I was shocked that had I got my mother’s operated on the advice of the first doctor, her eye would have been cut unnecessarily. It meant that a big disaster was avoided. Such events may be happening in your life too, but no guru can guide you through this, only your discretion, power and intelligence will help you. Just think, those doctors were gurus, they were well qualified yet they either mislead us or did not know what the problem was.

The Gurus and scriptures have no knowledge of life.

But I did not have any medical knowledge, yet I proved them wrong. In the same way, your religious gurus and scriptures don’t know anything about life and living. Since ages, you have been living your life with their support. But it is proving to be a big hurdle in your progress. They teach you to believe. Had I trusted the mobile repairer that day, I would have been in trouble. My meetings would not have taken place.

The Gurus create problems for us.

I could have taken the mobile service technician’s word because they were very knowledgeable but then I would have had to travel back 200 kilometers. But internally I chose to challenge their knowledge, and my awareness soared to a new state of being. The root cause of all our problems is our gurus. They are ahead of us in a queue, and we are behind them. We can’t move ahead as they are standing in our way and the interesting thing is they don’t have knowledge of life or how to live life.

The Gurus seem to block our path.

They don’t teach the art of living, but they teach the art of dying. All the knowledge that they possess is only about death. Only when they stop blocking our way, can we move forward. If we had all followed their teachings, no inventions would have taken place. We wouldn’t be able to fly in the sky. To cross the river, we would not have a boat, computers or aeroplanes.

Life means ‘finding new directions’

If scientists had abided by them, the light bulb would not have been invented, and the whole world would have sunk in darkness.  According to them, this world is an illusion. They tell us to be content with whatever we have. We are told to do whatever we have been asked to and not think much about it. Don’t think, just obey and have faith.  Advanced nations refused to accept them, so they became advanced. We worship them, so our life has become a living hell. Life is not meant to be lived on an already trodden path. It has to find new directions.

Truth is not ready-made.

Life only starts when we start challenging the old and rotten beliefs. Only that society which has been rejecting all dogma and doctrines is vibrant and alive. Truth is not a ready-made thing which is produced to be used again and again. It has to be newly created every time. No guidelines have been made for it. No guru will be able to help you in this regard. In fact, as soon as the gurus and scriptures stop blocking our way, the truth will start emerging.

Let the old go of.

Just as I rejected the mobile service technicians, you have to reject the gurus, only then life will be worth living. We have to keep rejecting the old records. If you draw a longer line next to shorter one, then the first line will become shorter and lose its importance. We have to do away with old stuff to pave the way for new possibilities. When the snake gets a new skin, the old one automatically shreds off.

We are only firm believers

The problem is that our society has become lifeless. It doesn’t do anything new. It lives by using gurus as a shield. Besides gurus and fakirs, there is nothing in our society. In the past 20 years, we haven’t made any inventions. We only know how to keep the faith.

It’s not in our nature to challenge anything.

But remember, the truth is never born out of emulation.