Normally you need not enroll in our special program because our blog is in itself the BEST course which brings to your deeper clarity and understanding of life. No course will help unless you are clear about your needs. Our Blog helps you to reach better understanding of your own self.

For this you need to read regularly and implement in life what you have read. However, if you want special attention and personal grooming, then you can register yourself for our most ambitious program called Train The Trainer. This program is aimed at empowering a few people who get clear of their goals.

These trainers will be eventually hired by Break The rule itself because we need large number of people who can act as catalyst for personal and social transformation.

The normal price of our Training Program is Rs 10000?/
but right now you can get it at discounted price of just
Rs 2000/
for the limited time only

When you register for our coaching program, we will train you through our mails, videos, webinars, workshops and books. Our trainers will call you weekly or fortnightly to find out what is best field or working for you. We will have online motivational classes for you. You will be given assignments, challenges so that you face challenges and take bold and right decisions.

Better, you read our Best Seller book Break the Rule first. It will update you about our approach to life and success.