My son developed bad habits

This is an incident about that time when I was living in a city called ‘Tohana.’ My son would have been about 18 years old then. He was not interested in studies and spent his time outside the house. Whenever we telephoned him to ask his whereabouts,

he would say he’s nearby, in a lane or just around chatting with friends. I was worried what would happen in case he got into the bad company? I reasoned with him a lot, but it didn’t seem to have any effect on him. Every day, I would hear about somebody being killed by his friends or someone dying because of drugs.

Meantime I got transferred.

Such a bad system was preva iling for which there seemed to be no solution.  This system of negativity is what is called as a rule by us. Then suddenly I was transferred to a place called ‘Ellenabad.’ I lived there for a year and then got myself transferred as I didn’t like Ellenabad.  Any other person in my place would have got h

imself transferred to Tohana where I had lived for eight years, had a house there and my family lived there as well. But I broke this rule and got myself transferred to Naraingarh which was 200 kilometres away from Tohana. Later, my family moved there as well.

A change happened in the  son.

The biggest change that happened here was that my son got a break from his old friendships, which I never thought would ever happen. He stayed more at home since he didn’t know anyone in this new city and his new friendships did not materialize. I felt very relaxed. This change in my son would never have come about if we had to continue to live in Tohana. Maybe, I would have always been sad there. The best part is that I had no inkling whatsoever of the good things that would be happening after coming to Naraingarh


Only you can solve your problems

No sadhu, hermit or holy books could have solved this problem. Only I could have solved this problem. I didn’t want to repeat the old patterned life. I wanted to test something new. I was fed up with the old way of life. Not only this, I always had a desire to live in the mountains, but that was not possible living in Haryana.  But when I came to Naraingarh, I saw that it was region laden with mountains. The weather is so fabulous here, and the people are very nice as well.

The change in son was priceless.

But all this became possi

ble only because I broke away from the old system when I was fed up with it. I had made up my mind not to look back again. Before breaking the rule things may not be clear, but once you overcome your inhibitions, then you will get to see many beautiful scenes of which you may never have imagined. Had I not left my previous city, my son may have got out of control so much that some big tragedy might have taken place and then nothing would be worth living for. This change that came about in my son was priceless

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