Why man is helpless?

You say that India is the only country where a mother loves her child a lot, even the child loves its mother a lot, husbands love their wives, we love our senior citizens and a boy loves his girlfriend. So if a man receives so much love from all the sides then why does he feel so helpless?

Man always seems to get love

Why does he continue to live like a victim? Why is he a victim of injustice, inequality and violence? It means in India, everyone gets and gives love at some time in his life. In fact, he always gets love in his life. Sometimes, he gets love from his mother, sometimes from sister, sometimes from father, sometimes from wife, sometime from grand children

Our concept of love is faulty

But this is also true that the one who learns how to get and give love will never be a victim of corruption, exploitation and injustice. He will vehemently oppose all these ills. He will dare to stand against all this. Remember, one who knows how to receive and give love can rock this world easily. It is clear from this that our concept of love is faulty and in the same way our concept of religion fictitious